[VIDEO] Tai Lopez Facebook Ad Breakdown – Why “The Truth” Doesn’t Matter

(Picture source: Tai Lopez YT video.)

Tai Lopez is arguably one of the biggest names in internet marketing.

He regularly stalks everyone that could only remotely be interested in his offers for days, weeks, even months through his Facebook and YouTube ads.

One of his incredibly effective tactics is his ability to create an environment in which “his truth” rules supreme.

Now, as you probably know, “the truth” very much depends on your perception of reality.

And whoever is able to make you perceive reality in a way that’s succeptible to their offer, wins.

And that’s exactly what Tai does.

Now, Tai gets a lot of hate and obviously most of his programs and offers are catered towards “newbies”, entry-level products.

But this breakdown isn’t me taking a shot at him, claiming that he’s insincere or anything.

This is just me admiring how he was able to create a world in which his offers work incredibly well.

And here’s my breakdown of one of his FB ads for a program he ran in late 2019 called DSMC: Digital Social Media Consultant.

Enjoy this short video.

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