[VIDEO] Paleohacks email breakdown: “60 Sec bedtime ritual rebuilds your teeth and gums overnight”

To become the best copywriter I can be, I need to sharpen my tools all the constantly.

Besides writing copy every day, I always analyze FB ads, emails, sales letters so that I can see what’s working now in direct response copywriting.

But what’s in it for you if I just analyze these ads by myself? What do you get out of it?

That was my question – and my answer is this: learning publicly.

What do I mean?

Well, if I walk you through my process of analyzing direct response copy as a video, not only will you be able to hear directly from the horse’s mouth what every great promotion needs to crush it…

You’ll also discover which mistakes to avoid if you want your cash register to ring.

And what better way to consume your content than a short video?

That means going forward, I’ll upload a video of me breaking down an ad about once per week.

This could be an email, a Facebook ad, a landing page or even a full-blown sales letter.

And to kick this series off, let’s check out one of the monsters of direct response email marketing – PALEOHACKS.

They operate an extremely aggressive email marketing strategy, sometimes sending more than one email per day.

And they are fantastic at selling not the offer or the product… but THE CLICK in almost every one of their emails.

Check out my short breakdown below.

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