Why most people approach offers ass-backwards (and what to do instead)

What I learned analyzing a shitload of high-converting SaaS landing + booking pages

(let me preface that this isn’t my own knowledge, but something I picked up from my mentor as well as the great Eugene Schwartz).

Here’s the old and hard way to approach offer creation:

Looking for a product that could be a good fit… then trying to shove it down a prospect’s throat.

This might work… but it’s like rowing upstream.

And most of the time, you’re trying to fit round pegs in square holes…

More often than not, you end with a deep hole in your heart (and your wallet).

(Btw – this is also why so many people fail with dropshipping or ecom businesses…

They focus too much on the product and ignore who really counts).

Picking “trendy” or “winning” products in a vacuum and pumping tons of cash into it to make it work rarely works.

But luckily, there’s a better way.

Here’s what to do instead:

Why not join the conversation the prospects already have inside their heads?

Why not stop trying to re-invent the wheel and instead spend 80% of your time getting to know your prospect?

Because once you understand their hopes and dreams, their fears, desires and ambitions…

All you need to do next is position a regular product in a new, exciting way that makes the prospect feel understood.

As long as the positioning makes the prospect feel “this was just made for me”, you’re on your way to tapping into a goldmine.


Bad positioning: Nootropics for more energy
Great positioning: Nootropics for accountants working at one of the “BIG 4” who need something for better focus since they’re scared of losing their jobs to AI.

Bad positioning: Multivitamin pills for better health
Great positioning: Multivitamin pills that leverage the entourage effect, combating neuro-inflammation which can reduce a veteran’s tinnitus they got after working in extremely noisy environments.

Bad positioning: Omega 3 for more energy and brain power
Great positioning: Omega 3 for 35+ year old 1st-time pregnant women that know of the increased dangers of late pregnancy and will do everything in their power to make sure their growing baby gets all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy neurons.

See how powerful this is?

See how taking everyday products and presenting them in a new and exciting way is the key to success selling online and offline?

It’s not about “inventing a blue ocean”…

But about tapping into existing fears, problems and desires of a hungry market…

And then serving them a hot offer that speaks directly to them on a silver platter.

Now… how do you find these hungry markets?

Very easy…

You always start with the big 3…

Health, Wealth, Relationships…

And then work your way down from there through Amazon reviews, forums and Facebook’s “Audience Insight” tool.

Obviously, creating killer offers involves more nuts and bolts than just this bird’s eve view…

But once you start seeing the world through this lens…

A starving market first, product second…

(Which is also how I approach any copywriting project).

A whole ‘nother dimension opens up.

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